Timeline Simple

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  • 3e8dfc55-91fd-3ca0-9b91-076cf7657247.jpg

    The Universal Timeline Release

    Full default/Square image with Left direction in 3D Shadow style
  • 94994ea7-3c03-33ab-958c-5413c6b6f716-200x200.jpg

    Ability to change color with various icons

    Change colors freely using the color picker and choose icons from the icon library available just a few clicks away. This one using Medium image with Right direction in Circle style.
  • d7fb70a5-00d9-3ff3-b3f4-5889a63d1f98-300x200.jpg

    Image wih different style and sizes

    Medium default/Square image with Left direction in Rounded style
  • d7fb70a5-00d9-3ff3-b3f4-5889a63d1f98-1024x683.jpg

    Change any color for the line

    Large image with Right direction in Round border shadow style
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Timeline Simple

This is an example of a timeline element created using the Simple Timeline shortcodes.

The plugin may be called “Simple”, but it still has a plethora of features and functions that are available to choose from. Some of the key features are:

Two different layouts, Horizontal and Vertical
Left, Right or Alternate Alignment
Ability to change color for the Line
Ability to change color for the icons
Ability to change the background color of the icons
Different kinds of image styles
Define your own image sizes
Various icons from FontAwesome
Different Directions of Timeline position

Crafting a timeline just requires you to configure the “Events” settings.