History Simple


Simple History Line

Is on action!

We build this using the HistoryLine simple shortcodes, the easiest and fastest way to build a HistoryLine with.

Customized Icon

A point and click to setup

You can customize the icon color, background and its icon type.

Customizable Line

The dotted line connector

The line connector can be customized for its color, size and type. Gradient is supported as well

Image Styles

Multiple style to select

You can choose plenty of image styling that suits your need

HistoryLine Simple

This is an example of HistoryLine element created using the Simple HistoryLine shortcodes.  The HistoryLine is another one of the most popular timeline in VisualLine plugin. The unique looks give the way to show your timeline as simply “Historical“.

The shortcodes can be configured for the Icons, Lines, Images, and Contents.

Content Editing

A simple way to edit the content, all entries are managed in a single popup. Just fill out the form according to what you want and you are good to go.